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    Fireworks Burst Earbar
    Immaculate Hugger Earring
    Emerald Cut Crawlers
    Moonlight Threaders
    Kingsley Huggers - Purple Ombre
    Kingsley Huggers - White Topaz
    Perfect Sleeping Beauty Drops
    Perfect Mega Hoop - White Sapphire
    Perfect Cushion Huggers - White Topaz
    Perfect Cushion Huggers - Purple Topaz
    Opal Moon Studs
    Herkimer Diamond Estate-ment Necklace
    Herkimer Diamond Estate-ment Bracelet
    Gemstone Crosses
    from $150.00
    Spirit Stones
    from $20.00
    Statement Turquoise Cuff
    from $745.00
    Buzzin' Bumble Bee Cuff
    Bumble Bee Flower Ring
    from $385.00
    Eric's Bumble Bee Crawling F*cks
    from $245.00
    Eric's Turquoise Flower Clusterf*ck Pendants
    from $435.00
    Eric's Pink Spiny Oyster Crawling F*cks
    from $230.00
    Fetish Bears
    Eric's Big*ss Mother of Pearl Native Made Coffin Pendant
    Native Made Two Finger Pink Conch Ring
    One of a Kind -Grossular Garnet Rings
    Spiny Oyster Turquoise 3 Stone Linear Earrings
    Eric's Bumble Bee Cluster F*ck Cuffs
    from $485.00
    Eric's Turquoise Flower Cluster F*ck Rings
    Eric's Last F*ck Cluster Rings
    from $245.00
    Sanctuary Pendant- Night Aura
    Howlite and Black Onyx Pendants
    from $365.00
    Bespoke: One of a Kind Single Earrings- Silver
    Bespoke: One of a Kind Single Earrings- Gold
    Wild Horse and Turquoise Rings
    from $475.00
    Wild Horse and Turquoise Pendants
    from $495.00
    Charoite and Rainbow Moonstone Rings
    from $545.00
    Charoite and Rainbow Moonstone Pendants
    Isabelle Cross Pendant - Gemstones
    Isabelle Cross Pendant - Labradorite
    Isabelle Cross Pendant - Viridian Green Topaz
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