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Everyday Single Stone Rings - Blue Copper Turquoise
Everyday Single Stone Rings - Blue Tiger's Eye
Everyday Single Stone Rings - Green Copper Turquoise
Everyday Single Stone Rings - Purple Copper
Everyday Single Stone Rings - Aquamarine

Always make a statement with your Jewelry

Jewelry Should be WILDLY delightful

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Kingman Turquoise Bracelet
Simply Stunning!
Percious Orange Kyanite
A True Rare Beauty


Hespera's collection of custom beauties; made on-site for you in our Redondo Beach, Ca location

Rare Gems, Globally Sourced

Here at Hespera, we acquire all of our semi-precious gemstones directly from some of the most famous mines and purveyors in the world. From the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, to the Himalayan Mountains and beyond - Hespera gems are some of the most gorgeous stones you will ever encounter.